AC Cleaning

With summer around the corner, soon comes the time to turn on the air conditioning to keep your home cool. You may notice that your electricity bill is going up more than expected or your house is not cooling enough .

This will be an opportunity for those who have an A/C or wall heat pump to call our HVAC technician to clean their system.

For latecomers, do not worry. You can have your system cleaned at any time of the year provided the weather conditions allow you to clean the coils of the outdoor unit which acts as a condenser in summer for the A/C and an evaporator in winter for a heat pump.

An AC system has two types of coils, condenser coils and evaporator coils usually made of copper tubes with aluminum fins.

The role of the evaporator (indoor coil) for A/C application in summer is to absorb the ambient heat of your home into the refrigerant circulating in the copper tube. This heat is rejected outside the house by the condenser (the outdoor coil). Therefore, the condenser blows hot air in the summer.

For a heat pump application, the opposite phenomenon occurs thanks to the reversing valve. Even in a climate where the outdoor ambient temperature drops below 0˚C, there is a possibility for your evaporator (outdoor coil) to absorb the heat from this cold air up to a threshold of minus 12 ˚ C into the copper tube. This heat is then released in the condenser (indoor coil) that blows hot air into your home.

To keep your system working optimal, it is important to clean the evaporator and condenser on a regular basis so that they do not behave like insulators that would prevent heat transfer.


  • Systems operating with dirty coils consume a lot more energy which result in higher electric bills
  • Dirty system's cooling capacity can be reduced by up to 30%. Dirty coils increase the operating pressure and temperatures that can break down the compressors' lubricant and can result in compressor failure. A failed compressor means no cooling and a costly repair.
  • Fan blades also collect dust and dirt that cause the blade to become coated making it difficult to move air and reducing the amount of air moved.
  • A Dirty system can reduce the air quality in your home.
  • Dirt can clog the drain and cause your system to leak


We use SpeedClean® Coiljet® coil cleaner system, a specialized system that combines water pressure and alkaline biodegradable coil cleaner to remove scale deposits, dust, debris, grease, rust and organic growth.